Now you all are the body of Christ, and individually DSC08292

you’re members of it. (1 Corinthians 12:27)

SOMA is a Greek word that means body. We use it to mean the body of Jesus Christ, which we’re a part of when we know God. We want to follow him together and introduce others to him along the way. And as part of his body on earth, we strive to herald God’s reign in the world He created, knows, loves, and through Jesus is bringing back to Himself.

As friends and followers of Jesus, we join in the eternal body of Christ. This means that we don’t go to church – we are the Church. We worship, we grow in God’s love, and we share that love with the world. When we live this life in community with one another, we’re the body of Christ coming together in the way God always intended.

The SOMA gathering.